Will Kyuji Fujikawa Put It Together for the Cubs in 2015?

For those of you into rotisserie league baseball, a good, low-cost bet for 2015 would the Kyuji Fujikawa.  He isn’t likely to cost you anything, but it seems to me he’s right on the verge of putting it together and becoming an effective late-inning reliever for the Chicago Cubs.

Even though he’ll be 34 next year, there are a lot of indications he’s got major league stuff and just needs a little more time to put it together against major league hitters following his Tommy John surgery last year.  His major league numbers are strange and leave me thinking something’s got to give, hopefully in a positive way for the Cubbies.

In 25 innings pitched over 27 appearances the last two seasons, Fujikawa has struck out 31 and walked only eight.  That’s terrific.  However, he’s also allowed 29 hits and three home runs, which isn’t.  This makes me think that Fijikawa has major league stuff and major league command, but he isn’t spotting his pitches when he needs to and isn’t taking advantage of hitters’ weaknesses and tendencies as much as he needs to.

Fujikawa was so incredibly good in Japan’s NPB, and also in very limited playing time in the American minor leagues the last two seasons, that you have to think he’s eventually going to put it all together.  I think 2015 will be his year.

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