Giants Royals World Series Wahoo!

It’s taken 144 seasons of professional league baseball in the United Series to have a San Francisco/Kansas City Championship, and it will probably be another 144 seasons before it happens again.  Who will win?  Who knows?

The post-season bears essentially no relationship to the regular season except for the fact that only the 10 teams with the best regular season records get to play in the post-season.  Let .500 teams routinely play in the post-season, and we’d occasionally have .500 teams as World Champions.

No better example of this phenomenon is the success in the NLCS of Travis Ishikawa.  Ish is a good guy — a good teammate and a guy who understands his role.  He’s paid his dues, and he’s the kind of player you feel good about when good things happen to him.  What he is not is a great major league baseball player — at least until this week.  His 3-run homer in the bottom of the 9th inning sends the Giants to the World Series, and he had seven RBIs in the five-game NLCS, contributing significantly to three of the Giants’ four wins.  It has to be the moment of a lifetime for him and his family.

Two scrappy wild-card teams will be battling out for the World Championship.  It’s going to be fun to watch.

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