Giants Win Game 1

Like a lot of baseball fans, I’m a lot more superstitious than I’d like to admit.  I usually don’t write much about the Giants while the post-season series are going on out of fear that any irrational exuberance will cause it to be just that.  Still, tonight’s win in the first game of the World Series feels too significant not to write about it.

Taking the Royals to the woodshed in Game 1 in Kansas City is important because it breaks the Royals’ post-season winning streak.  The Royals are a young team with no prior post-season experience.  They needed to be cooled down in the first game of this series, or they might have continued straight on with their roll.

Again, superstition makes me feel the need to remind myself and you, gentle reader, that the first game of the World Series is only one game, and the Royals certainly aren’t going to go down without a fight having made it this far. I’m certainly not suggesting that the World Series has been decided after only one game.

However, the team to win Game 1 of all six of the post-season series to go more than one game this year have gone on to win the series.  Last year the Tigers were the only team in seven to lose a multi-game post-season series after winning the first game.  Clearly, winning Game 1 is a big deal.

Game 2 is crucial for the Royals for the obvious reason that if they lose they’ll have to travel to San Francisco down 0-2, and the odds will be against them making it back to K.C.  There will be a great deal of pressure on 23-year old rookie Yordano Ventura tomorrow to shut the Giants down.  We’ll see how he handles it.

Even so, there are no safe predictions in the post-season, so I certainly won’t make any.  Go Giants!

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2 Comments on “Giants Win Game 1”

  1. Burly Says:

    With Bumgarner winning again tonight, perhaps I should have tilted this post, “Snot Rockets to Victory,” but perhaps that would have been a little too obvious.

  2. Bill Vogel Says:

    We’ve seen guys come through the Giants’ AA (Richmond Flying Squirrels) who are playing today: Belt, Crawford, Panik, Duffy, Strickland. A common denominator among all, they were consummate students. When not playing, they were at the rail observing, talking with coaches. They were early to practice. They didn’t rest on their talents and athleticism. They learned. And this is in contrast to some guys who don’t do what they did … and they are still here. By the way, the Richmond field, 330′ on the sides, 402′ dead center. They either grow or groan.

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