All Tied at Two

I was certainly expecting the worst when the Giants fell behind 4-1 in tonight’s game.  In the Royals’ four-run third, the Giants looked like a team that weren’t going to have the balls bounce their way tonight, and I was already fearing the Herrera-Davis-Holland bullpen closing out the Giants again if they could make it into the sixth inning with a lead.

Instead, the Giants put on their hitting shoes, chased Vargas early and got into the part of the Royals’ bullpen that isn’t nearly so good.  Vargas isn’t the kind of pitcher who strikes fear in anyone’s heart, but sometimes the Giants have a lot of problems with control pitchers, as they did with Jeremy Guthrie the night before.

Until the game turned into a blow-out in the seventh inning, it was a pretty exciting game.  So far, it’s been a pretty even and entertaining series, although three of the four games so far were blow-outs.  There is even a little bit of controversy, as the Giants have been accused of (and almost certainly have been) watering down their infield to keep the Royals’ greyhounds from running the G-men ragged.

Reportedly, the TV ratings for the series so far have been bad, although some of this may simply be the fact that viewers have so many more choices than they once did.  Also, there isn’t a lot of novelty in a Giants World Series these days, and not a lot of interest on the East Coast, Texas or in Southern California for the Kansas City Royals.

Each team’s ace goes again tomorrow, and I expect a closer game than Game 1.  The Royals have now seen Madison Bumgarner, and I have to think that James Shields will pitch better than he did last time out.

No predictions from this corner.  However, the game is more important for the Giants to win, since the Series then heads back to K.C. for the final two games.

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