All Knotted at Three

Tonight’s game was an ugly one for the G-Men, but perhaps it can be seen as pay-back for the pastings the Giants handed the Royals the previous two games.  With the final game at home, the Royals definitely now have the advantage, although it’s obviously going to come down to which team plays better tomorrow.

At present, I’m not feeling especially worried.  It’s one thing for a young stud like Yordano Ventura to stifle the Giants twice in a series, it’s something else entirely for Jeremy Guthrie to do it.  I’ll admit that once you balance out the league and park factors, Tim Hudson had a pretty similar season to Guthrie’s, but Hudson was once an ace, something Guthrie has never been.

That said, anything can happen in the World Series, so I certainly won’t count my chickens.  Still, if I had to bet on either of Tim Hudson or Jeremy Guthrie to have a big game tomorrow night, I’d put my money on Hudson.

I’m also kind of hoping that Tim Lincecum gets to pitch tomorrow in a game situation that actually means something. He’s pitched too well in too many post-season games to write him off.

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