An Embarrassment of Riches

Maybe Madison Bumgarner really is that good.  His performance will go down in history, if not as the best all-time, then the best of the modern era of five-man rotations and pitch counts.  Three wins in one World Series just doesn’t happen anymore, at least for starting pitchers.  Unbelievable!

In a way, I’m happier about the Giants winning three in five years than I would be if they had won three in a row.  I was already over 40 when this run started, so I feel like I’ve got nothing but time as far as the Giants are concerned, and it’s been easy to enjoy each of these seasons all the more because they didn’t make it the year before.  Each Championship was its own little miracle that didn’t get diluted by the previous championship or the one to come next.  The 32 years of futility between 1978 and 2009 make it easy to see the big picture.

Now that the Giants have won again, I hope the team spends the money to bring back Pablo Sandoval.  The Giants can afford to overpay him now, and he’s a part of the team it would be hard to let go.  The Giants have a core of guys who obviously have what it takes to win, and the Panda is a big part of that.  The fans love him in a way that makes him deserve the $90 million five-year deal that Pence got and Pablo’s been asking for.

Presumably, Yusmeiro Petit enters 2015 as an odds-on favorite to make the rotation, and Ryan Vogelsong takes a pay cut or moves on.  Left field will need some decision-making also.

Still, it’s too early to worry about 2015.  The Giants are World Champions once again.  I wouldnta believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself.  Go Giants! Go Giants! Go Giants!

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