San Francisco Giants Make Pablo Sandoval Qualifying Offer

The Giants today made Pablo Sandoval a $15.3 million qualifying offer.  Pablo is certain to reject it, which means the Giants get a draft pick if Pablo signs elsewhere.  However, I don’t know if this means Pablo is more or less likely to take his talents elsewhere.

Making the offer was certainly the sensible thing to do, although the draft pick the Giants will receive is essentially an early 2nd round pick, and the Giants haven’t had much success drafting players after about No. 30 who amounted to much except by dumb luck.  It seems to me that Pablo should return to San Francisco, but it will depend on just how much money Pablo insists on getting after another World Series victory.

Pablo has more value to the Giants than anyone else, because he really hasn’t performed that well in the regular season for several years now, and his is a body that will not age well.  My feeling is that a six-year deal right at $100 million or slightly over (not more than $110M) would be right, simply because the Giants can afford to overpay a very popular player after winning another World Series.  If someone wants to give Pablo more than that, the Giants should probably let him go, no matter how much the separation hurts in the short term.

However, the Giants don’t have a lot of really promising 3B candidates, and if they have to go to the free agent market to replace Sandoval, they’ll be overpaying just as much for what they get. I like Adam Duvall, but he’s definitely hit or miss as a major league third sacker with the bat, and his 3B defense pretty is assuredly not major league. has a list of the players who have received qualifying offers todayMichael Cuddyer and Melky Cabrera look to be the two players who should most seriously consider accepting the guaranteed $15.3 million rather than testing the market.

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2 Comments on “San Francisco Giants Make Pablo Sandoval Qualifying Offer”

  1. kabeiser Says:

    It will be interesting to see what Cuddyer/VMart/Cruz/Liriano/Martin do with FA. They could find themselves in limbo if they decline the QO.

    Pablo is an interesting FA case. He’s young, he has some upside but he also has the weight issues and couldn’t hit RH’d this year. 6 years sounds scary.

  2. Burly Says:

    I can’t imagine VMart not getting at least a two-year $25M deal after the 2014 season he had. Cruz led the majors in homers, so I’m not too worried about him either. Russell Martin is a great defensive catcher who can hit and is seen as a team leader — someone will give him at least a two-year deal for well more than the qualifying offer.

    Francisco Liriano has had two good years in a row, but he didn’t reach even 170 IP either season, so he may be making a mistake if he doesn’t accept the qualifying offer.

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