What Were the Mets Thinking?

I’ve been busy with work this week, so I missed the fact that the Mets just signed Michael Cuddyer for two years and $21 million and in the process forfeited the 15th pick of next June’s amateur draft.  Even if I’m a little late, I can’t let a move this seemingly stupid go by uncommented.

Cuddyer can obviously still hit, but he played only 280 games over the last three seasons, and at ages 36 and 37 over the two-year deal, he sure isn’t likely to get any healthier.

This deal might make sense for a team that’s one good right-handed bat away from the post-season.  That sure doesn’t look like the 2015 Mets, who finished four games under .500 this year.  The 15th pick in the next draft is too high to give up for an aged veteran who’s going to have a hard time staying in the line-up.

It’s also worth noting that Cuddyer is going from far and away the best home hitters’ park in baseball to one of the worst.  In fact, Cuddyer’s road averages the last right three seasons were downright pedestrian — .852 in 2013, but below .750 in 2012 and 2014.

Someone left a comment on mlbtraderumors.com that the Mets will probably be signing some other Qualifying Offer free agents this off-season, since you can only lose that 1st round pick once.  That’s probably the only way this signing makes any sense at all.

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