A Sad Day for San Francisco Giants Fans

Pablo Sandoval‘s agent has apparently told a number of reporters that Panda has reached a deal with the Boston Red Sox. It’s a sad day for Giants’ fans, because despite his imperfections, Pablo was loved in San Francisco.

I have to think that Pablo felt disrespected by the Giants’ low-ball offer of about three years and $40 million early in the 2014 season.  The Giants were reportedly willing to roughly match the Red Sox offer, but that was no longer good enough.

There are definitely questions about whether Pablo is worth $100 million, and he better get off to a good start in Boston in 2015, because I don’t think Red Sox fans are going to have a lot patience with him if he doesn’t play well from the get-go.

The Giants now need a 3Bman.  The best move, at least if Hector Sanchez is healthy enough in 2015 to split catching duties with Andrew Susac, might be to move Buster Posey to 3B.  Posey played 65 games at SS his freshman year at Florida State, and I think he could play third at the major league level with some practice.

That isn’t likely to happen, so the Giants may sign young Cuban Yasmany Thomas and try to convert him from an outfielder to a 3Bman.  A more likely scenario is the Giants sighing Chase Headley in the hopes that he can regain some of his former glory returning to the NL West.  Signing Headley to play 3B makes the most sense to me, but he’ll also be a big over-pay in a free agent market short on third-sackers.

The Giants will be getting an extra draft pick, although its certainly hit or miss that the Giants will draft a major league player with what amounts to a sandwich pick.  Giants fans will have to remind themselves that it’s just a fact that Pablo won’t age well and they’ve just been saved from at least two seasons of no production at a price high enough to prevent the team from filling other holes elsewhere.

Still, I can’t imagine many Giants’ fans not missing the big, lovable goof-ball after his six-plus year run.  There were certainly a lot of moments that won’t ever be forgotten.

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