Tony Plush Taking his Talents to South Korea’s KBO

Nyjer Morgan aka “Tony Plush” has signed a contract with the Hanwha Eagles of the KBO for 2015.  He’ll be paid a total of $700,000.

Morgan is a player I definitely have mixed feelings about.  He’s definitely had his moments both good and bad in MLB.  Back in 2010, he had some moments that made you think he was just too volatile for MLB, but he’s had more comebacks than anybody this side of Francisco Liriano (who just signed the biggest free agent deal in Pirates’ history — three years at $39 million).

Morgan played in Japan’s NPB in 2014, hitting .294 with a .795 OPS, which is pretty good for a center fielder, although I think its been some years since Morgan was an elite defensive center fielder.  At any rate, it apparently wasn’t good enough for him to return to NPB in 2014.

He returned the U.S., signing a deal with the Cleveland Indians, and made the major league squad out of Spring Training.  He hit an impressive .341 with an .868 OPS in 15 major league games, but a strained knee ligament ruined his season, and the Tribe released him in early August.

Morgan replaces Felix Pie, another former major leaguer, as the Eagles’ CF.  Pie had a fine year in 2014 in his first KBO season, but the Eagles were still pretty awful, and the team wasn’t interested in giving Pie the raise he believed he deserved.

I don’t think Morgan is an MLB-average center fielder any more, but he’s likely still well better than KBO-average, so I don’t think the Eagles will end up missing Pie a whole lot, at least so long as Morgan stays healthy and out of trouble. My understanding is that Pie was quite popular with the Eagles’ fan base, and that may end up being the biggest lost for the team.

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One Comment on “Tony Plush Taking his Talents to South Korea’s KBO”

  1. Burly Says:

    Morgan didn’t last even two months in KBO. The Hanwha Eagles have already released him.

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