San Francisco Giants Re-Sign Sergio Romo

Finally some news that the Giants accomplished something this off-season!  The team re-signed set-up man Sergio Romo for two years and $15 million.

I think being able to re-sign Romo for only a two-year deal is a big break for the Giants.  Given what other free agent relievers got this off-season, I expected that Romo would have received a third year at about the same annual rate as this deal.

Romo’s 3.72 ERA this past season was his highest since his first full season in 2009.  However, his strikeout and walks rates were comparable to the previous two seasons, and his hits rate was actually down from 2013.

The only real difference in his performance in 2014 was that he allowed a career high nine HRs.  He’d never allowed more than six in a season previously.  The upshot is that his HRs allowed will probably go down in 2015, and there’s no reason to believe he won’t continue to be the same highly useful late-inning reliever he’s been for years now, at least in 2015.

With Pablo Sandoval and Michael Morse flying the coop, it’s nice to see the Giants hang on to at least one of their free agents.  There’s rumors that the Giants will pursue South Korean Jung-ho Kang to play third or second and are pursuing pitcher James Shields to improve the starting rotation.  However, news regarding just how committed they are to signing either of these two is pretty much non-existent.

It’s hard to believe that the Giants, coming off their World Series win and all the additional revenues that entails, won’t make a splash this off-season.  However, as is often this case in the Sabean Era, we probably won’t hear much until the formal announcements are made.

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