Do the Oakland A’s Think They’re Going to Get to Move to San Jose?

The A’s have been the most active all of MLB teams this off-season on the trade market, and the trades they’ve made all seem to be geared at seasons after 2015.  This has me wondering if they are convinced they’ll be leaving Oakland and moving on to financially sunnier climes at some time in the relatively near future.

Today, the A’s traded Derek Norris for a couple of very promising young pitchers who aren’t likely to help the team a whole lot in 2015.  This is on top of a whole series of moves that I won’t repeat here, all of which are more likely to help the team in 2016 and after at the expense of the 2015 season.

The A’s just barely made the play-offs in 2014 and drew 2.00 million fans, which, sad to say, was their best attendance since 2005.  The Oakland Coliseum is a toilet, and the A’s won’t draw there any year they don’t win at least 95 games for the second year in a row.

The A’s weren’t an old team in 2014, so I have to think that Billy Beane’s decision to sell off the club’s best players has something more in mind than casting off 2015 in favor of uncertain future greatness.

I’ve written this so many times, but I simply can’t understand why a deal can’t be worked out with the Giants to allow the A’s to move to downtown San Jose.  The SF Bay Area is a two-team market — it’s Philadelphia in the 1880’s or Chicago in the 1910’s, only with better future demographics.  Pay the Giants off and let them reap the rewards that will come when young fans in Contra Costa, Solano and Northern Alameda Counties all decide the Giants are worth their love rather than a team playing miles away in San Jose.


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One Comment on “Do the Oakland A’s Think They’re Going to Get to Move to San Jose?”

  1. kabeiser Says:

    The A’s moves have nothing to do with moving to San Jose (although they hope to). Their opening day payroll was 82M last year and it would have been higher to keep the team together and compete. That just doesn’t work so Billy being Billy decided to go all in and rebuild. He certainly thinks outside of the box because this has been an odd offseason.

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