San Francisco Giants Finally Making Some Moves

After nothing happening for more than a month, the Giants are suddenly quite active.  Following the re-signing of Sergio Romo to a two-year deal a few days ago, the Giants re-signed Jake Peavy for two-years and $24 million, and are on the verge of completing a trade of two minor league pitchers (Kendry Flores and Luis Castillo) for Miami Marlins 3Bman Casey McGehee.

While neither Peavy nor McGehee gets me particularly excited, it does address a couple of the team’s needs in a way that leaves the Giants with a lot of flexibility in the next two off-seasons.  McGehee is arbitration eligible, and will get a substantial raise, but since he made only $1.1 million last year playing for the Fish, he’s still likely to be pretty affordable in 2015.

The youngsters the Giants gave up for McGehee both have fine arms, but good young arms are something the Giants still have in surplus.  McGehee came back from his 2013 season in Japan a different hitter in 2014, with much less power but a much higher batting average and on-base percentage.

I’m not overly confident that McGehee will continue to hit in 2015 the way he did last year, but like I said, he addresses a need at an affordable price.  As a 3Bman, McGehee appears to have little range, but turns the double play very well.

In another piece of news, the Dodgers today released Brian Wilson today despite the fact that they are still on the hook to him for $9.5 million in 2015.  I would certainly not be surprised if the Giants made a push to sign Wilson at the major league minimum.

Wilson had an unimpressive 4.66 ERA last year, but his main problem seemed to be command in his first full year back from his second Tommy John surgery.  Otherwise, his numbers for the Dodgers last year look a lot like his numbers for the Giants in 2011 when he had 3.11 ERA and 36 saves.

When Wilson left San Francisco there seemed to be some hard feelings on Wilson’s part, as he seemed to think the Giants owed him more than they thought they did.  Also, with the Dodgers picking up more than 90% of his 2015 salary, I would expect a lot of teams to be in on Wilson right away.  Nevertheless, a strong push by the Giants to show Wilson they’d like him back might add a very promising bullpen arm at a bargain price.

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