What About Jonny Gomes?

With Michael Morse having moved on the Marlins, the Giants are in a need of a right-handed power bat to fill a left field platoon with left-handed hitting Gregor Blanco.  How about Jonny Gomes?

Gomes is from Petaluma, so he’d probably jump at a competitive offer to play for the Giants.  He’s also coming off a relatively poor season at age 33, so he can probably be had for a very affordable one-year deal for no more than the $5 million the Giants gave Morse last year.

Gomes was dreadful against right-handed pitchers last season, as he usually is, but he still hit lefties reasonably well.  The Giants have no shortage of left-handed hitters for Gomes to platoon with, since aside from Blanco, there’s also Travis Ishikawa, who proved during the post-season he can play left-field if the Giants need him to.

mlbtraderumors.com suggests that Gomes may sign with the Cubs to provide some veteran leadership on a young team.  However, insofar as 2015 is concerned, his chances of going to the post-season would be better with the Giants.  The Cubs have a lot of young talent, but I don’t think they’ll go from 73 wins to the post-season in one year, even with Jon Lester fronting their rotation.

Two other outfielders who are still available are Nori Aoki and Colby Rasmus.  However, neither seems as good a fit for the Giants as Jonny Gomes.  Aoki might be had relatively cheaply, but his skill set doesn’t look significantly different from Gregor Blanco, and he’s also a left-handed hitter.

Colby Rasmus comes into his free agency with his value down after a poor 2014 season.  However, he’ll be only 28 in 2015, and he has some power, so someone will almost certainly give him at least a three-year deal at at least $10 million per.  Also, as a left-handed hitter, his power would probably drop playing his home games at AT&T Park.

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