The San Francisco Giants’ Off-Season

Here’s a good article from the San Francisco Giants’ Henry Schulman about the Giants’ quiet off-season.  He makes a point that the Giants may simply wait until the start of the 2015 season to see how things shake out and what their actual needs turn out to be before making any deals.

One point Schulman hints at but doesn’t actually make is that by waiting until a couple of months into the 2015 season before pulling a trigger on a deal, the Giants may be in a good position to pay less in prospects if they are willing to take on salary instead.  By not spending a lot of money this off-season following their third World Series win in five years, the Giants can afford to take on salary for veteran stars of teams that don’t perform as hoped and have management looking for a way to dump their salaries.

Also, I saw a post on stating that the Giants are in on young Cuban super-prospect Yoan Moncada.  They’ve held a private workout for Moncada already, one of a number of teams to do so.

Moncada is widely expected to blow up the record for a signing bonus for an “amateur” player, with sources projecting that his signing bonus plus signing bonus overage penalty could cost the team that signs him $70 to 80 million.  The Giants certainly have the money for that kind of a signing, if they think Moncada is worth it.

There are certainly reasons for the Giants to wait and see what shakes out.  However, unless the Giants tank the first two months of the 2015, it seems inevitable that they will have to trade for a right-handed power bat some time before the August trade deadline.

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