What Do Foreign Players in South Korea’s KBO Get Paid?

A few days ago, myKBO.net published a list of the foreign players currently signed to play in South Korea’s KBO in 2015 and what their salaries will be.  As you can see, at least four players are reportedly making at least $1 million, with KBO and former MLB veteran Dustin Nippert topping the list at a cool $1.5 million.

Only six of the 30 players signed so far (the SK Wyverns have one foreign player roster spot still unfilled) will be making less than $500,000 in 2015.  Former major leaguer and CPBLer (Taiwan) Andy Sisco has the smallest reported salary at $320,000.

There’s still some question whether or not all KBO teams are accurately reporting the amounts for which they are signing their foreign players, even though the league has eliminated the official $300,000 cap on foreign players which a majority of KBO teams had been ignoring.  Specifically, there is some question whether Yamaico Navarro, who had a terrific KBO rookie campaign in 2014, is really getting a few hundred thousand more than what the Samsung Lions have reported.

However, based on what I know about KBO salaries, the reported numbers are probably for the most part accurate.

I am a little disappointed, though, that Mike Loree will not be pitching in the KBO Championship (major) League in 2015.  He pitched along with Andy Sisco for the expansion KT Wiz, who played in the Futures (minor) League in 2014, but are joining the Championship League in 2015.  My research indicates that Loree was the Wiz’s most effective starter in 2014, but it appears he may have suffered an injury, as he clearly missed five to eight starts during the season.

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