Houston Astros Sign Colby Rasmus for $8 million

I was a bit taken aback today when I saw that the Astros had signed CF Colby Rasmus for one year and $8 million.  That seemed like way too little for a player of his age and potential performance.

On further consideration, it is pretty obvious that this is just a hold-over contract designed to get Rasmus another shot at free agency at a still young 29 after next season if he plays well for the Astros in 2015.  Choosing the Astros for a one year rental also makes a great deal of sense for Rasmus, because he’ll likely get a lot of playing time in Houston even if he has some cold spells.

This kind of contract worked extremely well for both the Orioles and Nelson Cruz and also for the Giants and Mike Morse in 2014, and it’s certainly got the potential to work just as well for the Astros and Rasmus in 2015.  It’s also a savings for the Astros, in that Dexter Fowler was guaranteed to get more in arbitration based on the numbers exchanged than the ‘Stros are paying Rasmus.  While I’m not particularly impressed with the players the Astros got for Fowler and his high on-base percentage, the Astros effectively get three players for the price of one (not quite, but Luis Valbuena and Dan Straily aren’t going to cost the team a whole lot in relative terms).

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One Comment on “Houston Astros Sign Colby Rasmus for $8 million”

  1. kabeiser Says:

    I thought someone would overpay for him since he’s young, a former top prospect and he has had his moments. I wish the Twins would have been in on this. Good deal for the Astros.

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