Atlanta Braves Sign Jonny Gomes

The Braves signed Jonny Gomes today for one season at $4 million.  I had written at least once this off-season that I thought Gomes was a good fit for the Giants, who were in need of a right-handed power bat to replace Mike Morse.

I’m a little surprised Gomes got this much, given that he’ll be 34 next season and didn’t hit particularly well in 2014.  The Giants signed Nori Aoki for $4.7, and I think Aoki is clearly the better player going into 2015.  Of course, what it’s really about is how the player’s skills fit into the rest of the team, and Gomes’ ability to hit lefties with power is a very useful skill.

The Giants just re-signed Gregor Blanco for two years and $7.5 million, so it seems the Giants are going all in on speed and defense.  The Giants are also reportedly close to re-signing Ryan Vogelsong, after a deal with the Astros fell through.  The Giants are likely to need plenty of defense for at least some of their starters in 2015.

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3 Comments on “Atlanta Braves Sign Jonny Gomes”

  1. kabeiser Says:

    The Braves continue their offseason of trading their best players and signing poor replacements to show that they aren’t really punting the season. Poor Freddie Freeman. His lineup protection consists of Nick Markakis and Chris Johnson.

  2. Burly Says:

    The Giants did indeed sign Ryan Vogelsong for $4 million for 2015. All considered, it seems like fair deal.

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