Doesn’t Think Much of Giants’ Prospects today published it’s list of the top 100 prospects in the game.  The only Giants prospect on the list was Kyle Crick, who came in at 79th.

Crick’s ranking seems low to me, even given the fact that his command still needs a lot of work.  At age 21, he was an effective starter at the AA level with just slightly better than 11 Ks/9 IP.  That’s definitely a real prospect any way you slice it.

Crick came to pitching late, not becoming a full-time pitcher until his senior year of high school.  That cuts both ways, because it suggests he’s still got a lot to learn about pitching, but he’s still well young enough to spend full seasons at AA and AAA in 2015 and 2016 and be ready for the majors at age 24.

Crick had some injuries in 2013, but they didn’t involve his throwing arm, and the Giants limited his work load that year mainly due to his young age and an abundance of caution.

So far, there’s no reason to think he still isn’t on track a major league pitcher with great stuff by his age 24 season.  In my mind that makes him better than the 79th overall prospect in MLB, although he probably doesn’t deserve to be in the top 50.

If nothing else, it seems the Giants still like Crick enough that they weren’t willing to package him with catcher Andrew Susac for one season of Ben Zobrist, even though Zobrist would have been a perfect fit for the 2015 Giants.

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