Sure Tired of Elbow Injuries

Every baseball fan must be on their last straw when it comes to elbow tendon injuries (pun intended).  Zack Wheeler will be undergoing the Tommy John knife soon, joining Yu Darvish as the most disappointing blown elbow tendons this Spring Training.

I don’t see the pitchers’ elbow blowouts diminishing any time soon.  Sliders are too important to modern pitching, and pitchers are steadily getting bigger, stronger and training hard at earlier ages in order to develop the skills necessary to become a ridiculously well paid major league pitcher.

Something’s got to give, and it’s not surprising that it’s ligaments and joints, which you can’t build up through diet and current training regimens.  During the Steroid Era — which is still around to a lesser, quieter extent — there was a lot of talk about the effect of muscling up on ligaments and tendons, which can’t be built up through a routine of steroids intake and strength conditioning.

Even without steroids, there are a whole lot of different things modern athletes can do to get bigger and stronger, generate more torque on their pitches and put increasing strain on the parts that can’t be strengthened by lifting weights.

Someone’s going to have to figure out what can be done to strengthen and increase flexibility to joints, ligaments and tendons.  The person who figures out how to do to these body parts what has been done to muscles (and patents the idea) will make a fortune (at least until his or her patent expires).

There has to be a way to do it.  It’s mostly just a matter of someone figuring out what it is that has to be done.  Until then (and after some trial and error), it’s going to enormous numbers of blown elbow tendons every year.

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