Los Angeles Dodgers to Sign Hector Olivera for the Big Money

The Dodgers and Hector Olivera have reached agreement on a six-year $62.5 million deal with a team option for a seventh season at $1 million if Olivera tears his elbow tendon during the first six seasons.  The deal is pending a physical, so there is still a chance the deal won’t go through.

If the deal does go through on these terms, I have to think it represents the end of major league teams signing veteran Cuban players for relative bargains.  Olivera turns 30 in early April, and he’s played only the equivalent of one full major league season over the last four years due to injuries and his defection from Cuba.

That just doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, but he’s still going to be getting almost as much as Jose Abreu got a year ago when he was three years younger and a whole lot healthier than Olivera in the years immediately before defection.  The age alone means that this deal won’t be nearly as team-favorable as the Abreu or Yoenis Cespedis contracts.

Olivera may turn out to be worth the contract the Dodgers are reportedly prepared to pay him, but the odds seem really slim he’ll significantly outperform his salary.  At least the Dodgers can afford it, but as a Giants fan, I won’t be disappointed if this contract blows up in the Bums’ faces.

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