Has Anyone Claimed Ehire Adriandza Yet?

It’s hard to imagine that someone won’t claim middle infielder Ehire Adrianda at the waiver price.  He’s only 25 this year, and his defense is good enough for him to be the last middle infielder on a lot of teams, according to fangraphs.  The only way he doesn’t get claimed is if every single team feels so set in the middle infield coming out of Spring Training that they’re not yet prepared to make a change for a better player, and that sure doesn’t seem likely.

He would definitely be worth the investment, because he still has a reasonably good shot of being a very useful major league player from about age 26 on if things break right for him.  More than anything, he just needs everyday play at AAA until he or injuries forces the major league team to call him up again.  But, of course, he won’t get that if he doesn’t make it through waivers.

While Ehire didn’t hit for average this Spring, he had a .345 OBP in well over 50 plate appearances, which is pretty terrific for a glove-tree middle infielder.  He’s also a useful pinch runner.  It was just that Matt Duffy hit a ton and won the job outright.

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2 Comments on “Has Anyone Claimed Ehire Adriandza Yet?”

  1. Bill Vogel Says:

    I’ve seen Ehire Adrianza play a lot at AA Richmond. He’s a superb infielder. (Duffy, too.) I’ve seen many major league plays that he’s made. Some team should snap him up and help him mature behind the plate. It would be a shame to see this level of talent wasted.

  2. Burly Says:

    Adrianza cleared waivers and was outrighted by the Giants to AAA Sacramento. It’s a lucky break for the Giants, but I didn’t think it all likely that he would clear waivers.

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