No Way to Start the Season

The San Francisco Giants have lost eight in a row and now have the second worst record in MLB, with only the Brewers off to a worse start.

The team isn’t hitting, and the Giants don’t have a whole lot of options to improve in the near term.  Adam Duvall is off to a fine start at AAA Sacramento, posting a 1.172 OPS in nine games, but the only position he can reasonably play at the major league level is 1B.  While Brandon Belt is off to a brutally bad start, you have to figure that Belt will start hitting eventually, and that it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to take significant playing time away from Belt to get Duvall in the line-up.  Belt needs a couple of days off, but not more than that, unless he’s hurt and hasn’t been telling anyone.

The only bright spot in the Giants’ young season so far is the emergence of Matt Duffy as a major league player.  As an 18th round draft pick out of a major college program (Long Beach State) it’s safe to say that nobody considered him to be much more than a minor league roster-filler.  Now, if Duffy keeps playing the way he has so far, it’s going to be tough for the Giants to take his bat out of the line-up to play Casey McGehee now that the latter’s bone bruise has healed.

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