What about Cody Ross?

It’s no secret that the San Francisco Giants’ offense sucks this season.  Meanwhile, the A’s just cut loose veteran right-handed hitting outfielder Cody Ross after a poor start.

Why don’t the Giants sign Ross to a minor league deal with a 40 or 50 day opt out, so that the Giants can send Ross to AAA Sacramento to play every day and see if he’s got anything left?

Ross and the Giants caught lightning in a bottle in 2010, and while it’s a lot less likely now that he’ll get hot again than it was five years ago, the Giants could use another right-handed hitting outfielder with power.  Besides, if he plays 25 or 30 games at AAA Sacramento, it costs the Giants essentially nothing since the Diamondbacks are still on the hook for almost all of his 2015 season.

Seems like a win-win deal all around, since the odds of any other team giving Ross a major league deal at this moment seem slim.

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