Barry Bonds Preparing Grievance Case against MLB

According to, Barry Bonds is preparing a grievance against MLB for black-listing him after the 2007 season, now that his conviction for obstruction of justice has been overturned.

I’ve long believed that MLB colluded against Bonds because under any other circumstances at least one team would have made an offer in some amount to Bonds given the level of offense he was still capable of providing.  He was the poster-boy for MLB’s steroids era, but he was hardly the only one, and a lot of the other juicers went right on playing with nothing more than damage to their reputations and future Hall of Fame chances.

A lot of water is under the bridge and after almost eight years it may be quite a bit more difficult to marshal the evidence to prove collusion.  It also goes without saying that every single team exec called to testify will say that they made the decision that Bonds wasn’t right for their team.  You’d have to have someone from management who has become disaffected to spill the beans that Bud Selig or some other top MLB official told teams not to offer a contract to Bonds and that the witness personally heard these statements.  Sounds like a tall order to me.

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