Matt Duffy Is Doing Everything He Can to Take Casey McGehee’s Job

Matt Duffy‘s five RBIs today were the most by a rookie since Buster Posey‘s six on July 7, 2010.  He’s an 18th round draft pick that just keeps on giving.  Buster should give Duffy a lot of guff for failing to tie him, but he should promise a dinner at the finest restaurant if Duffy ties or beats his record later this year.

Casey McGehee has had a brutal first 30+ games, and Duffy is so much younger, 24 to 32.  Duffy has certainly hit better this season whenever he’s been able to play consecutive full games.

In short, I can”t see any reason not to play regularly except to give McGehee some at-bats and did give Duffy a day off.  Duffy might really amount to something if he gets to play regularly now.

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