Carson Fulmer Will Be the Tim Lincecum of This Year’s Draft

The White Sox selected Vanderbilt right-hander Carson Fulmer with the 8th pick in this year’s draft.  He was the third college pitcher selected, and on paper at least he clearly looks better than the other two college pitchers selected before him.  I think it has to be the prejudice against small right-handers working against him.  Fulmer is listed as 6’0″ and 195 lbs on mlb’s draft website, while Dillon Tate (4th overall) is listed as 6’2″ and 210 lbs and Tyler Jay (6th overall) is listed at 6’1″ and only 180 lbs (Jay is a lefty).

Of course, all three had great numbers in college.  However, of the three Fulmer clearly has the best numbers against the highest level of college competition.  In fact, Tyler Jay is a relief pitcher (at least he was in college), and it’s rare for college relievers to be drafted this high.  I have no idea whether the Minnesota Twins plan to make him a starter in the minor leagues.

Tim Lincecum fell to the Giants with the 10th pick of the 2006 MLB Draft.  It was a very pitcher-rich draft with Clayton Kershaw picked 7th overall and Max Scherzer picked immediately after Lincecum.  However, four college pitchers were selected before Lincecum, even though Lincecum clearly had the best numbers, all four of whom turned out to be duds compared to Timmy Terrific.  The only reason Lincecum was drafted after these four was his size.

Lincecum’s early decline tends to mask just how good he was in his first five seasons for the Giants.  When you draft a player, all you are getting is his rights for six-plus seasons.  In those terms, the only thing negative that could be said about Lincecum is that the Giants would have been better off selecting Max Scherzer.  However, three World Series Rings later, no Giants fan is going to look at the years Lincecum pitched for the team to date with hard feelings.

Anyway, for the first six-plus years of their major league careers, I think the Carson Fulmer is going to be the best pick of the three.

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