San Francisco Giants 2015 Draft Picks: Rounds 3 through 10

In the second day of the 2015 MLB Draft the Giants, after drafting a high school shortstop (3rd round) and a junior college lefty (4th round), drafted exclusively college players

3rd Round (95th overall)Jalen Miller (High School, age 18) SS.  A smallish (5’10”, 173 lbs according to shortstop out of Georgia, Perfect Game ranks him highly and says he is now 6’1″ and 185 lbs.  Baseball America ranked him as the 34th best prospect in this year’s draft a month ago, so something must have happened to cause his standing to drop, most likely because he has already committed to attend Clemson University.

4th Round (126th overall)Mac Marshall (Junior College, 19) LHP.  Marshall had a 2.37 ERA with 44 strikeouts against 13 walks in 30.1 innings pitched as a starter who apparently rarely pitched more than three or four innings into his starts in his first year of junior college ball.  He’s listed at 6’2, 185 lbs.  Baseball America listed him as the 85th best prospect in this year’s draft, so like Jalen Miller, he’s a good pick here if the Giants can sign him.

5th Round (156th) Ronnie Jebavy (Middle Tennessee State U., 21) CF.  Jebavy was the best player on the Blue Raiders this season, batting .359/.408/.531 and stealing 24 bases in 28 attempts.  He played in all 59 of his team’s games.  Baseball America ranked him as the third best player in the Prospect League, a wood bat summer league for college players, in 2014.

6th Round (186th)Steven Duggar (Clemson U., 21) CF.  A consistently good, but not great, college hitter, Duggar had his best year with the bat this year as a junior (.304/.432/.432) with some speed (ten stolen bases in 15 attempts).  Obviously, the thing to like most about Duggar is his ability to get on base, particularly if his outfield defense is good enough for him to remain in center field.  Baseball America says he’s a “plus runner,” but I couldn’t find much more about him on their website.

7th Round (216th)Jose Vizcaino, Jr. (Santa Clara U., 21) 3B.  A big 3Bman (6’2″, 220 lbs) with a well-known baseball name (he’s the son of the as yet more famous Jose Vizcaino, who you may well remember), he hit extremely well in 2015, .335/.405/.588.  He also hit well in 2014 according to Santa Clara’s website, meaning that the stats provided by the Baseball Cube are woefully incomplete and apparently just wrong, so I link to Santa Clara’s site instead for background.  Way back in February 2014, Baseball America ranked him as the second best prospect out of the West Coast Conference this year, which means a lot of guys could well have moved passed him with big 2014 and/or 2015 seasons.

Still, he played well this year, and it’s certainly got to be an advantage to have a father who was a long-time major leaguer, at least in terms of eventually making the major leagues in some capacity.  Baseball America ranked Vizcaino as the 215th best player in this year’s draft, which is almost exactly where he was drafted.   Even so, he looks like a good pick for this late in the Draft.

8th Round (246th) Cory Taylor (Dallas Baptist U., 21) RHP.  Taylor is a very large right-hander (6’2″, 250 lbs) who did not make Baseball America’s list of the top 500 prospects in this year’s draft.  He posted a 3.60 ERA this year with 71 strikeouts and 31 walks in 80 innings pitched.  He actually had better numbers in 2014 as a sophomore except that he was lot wilder.  You can find his college stats here.

9th Round (276th) David Graybill (Arizona State U., 22) RHP.  David Graybill is another huge right-hander (6’4″, 255 lbs), who elected to return to college for his senior season after the Yankees selected him in the 33rd round last June.  He struck out nine and walked nine in only 8.1 innings of work this spring.  He was a seldom used position player in his sophomore and junior seasons, and apparently didn’t pitch even one inning until his senior season.  Obviously, he must have a strong arm (Baseball America ranked him as the 447th best prospect this year), but it looks like the Giants will have to catch lightning in a bottle for him to amount to much given his limited pitching experience the last three years.

10th Round (306th). Tyler Cyr (Embry-Riddle U., 22) RHP.  Tyler Cyr is a lean right-hander (6’3″, 205 lbs) who in his senior season had a 3.14 ERA (but a 5.34 run average) with a pitching line of 86 IP, 68 hits and 50 walks allowed and 98 Ks for a small university team in Florida.  Seems safe to say he’s got a live arm, which is why the Giants selected him here.  He didn’t make Baseball America’s list of the top 500 prospects.  We have to hope he’s a sleeper.

Here is MLB’s 2015 Draft Tracker which contains video of many of the players discussed above.

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