San Francisco Giants Select 1B Chris Shaw with the 31st Pick of 2015 Draft

The Giants selected 1Bman Chris Shaw out of Boston College with the 31st overall pick in the 2015 Draft.  Shaw hit .319/.411/.611 as a college junior.

His raw power is reported to be best tool, which is not surprising given his position and his size (6’3″, 235 lbs).   Shaw wasn’t on my radar, but Baseball America ranks him as the 45th best prospect in this year’s draft, and another website listed him as the top college 1Bman in this year’s draft, so he’s not exactly a stretch at 31st overall.  Most likely, the Giants just rate him higher than Baseball America did.

He’s slow and reportedly has trouble with left-handed pitchers, also according to Baseball America.  On defense, he handles well the balls he gets to.  He is described as athletic despite his lack of speed.

P.S.  The Rockies selected high school right-hander Mike Nikorak with the 27th overall pick, so there’s no knowing if the Giants would have in fact selected him had he still be available at 31.

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