Rookie Chris Heston Pitches No-Hitter in New York

It was a long, tough road for 27 year old rookie Chris Heston, who had to pitch his way up as a 12th round draft pick one step at a time to tonight’s great moment.  In only his 13th career start, he struck out a career high 11 and threw only 110 pitches as he utterly dominated the Mets tonight in New York.

The new Shea Stadium was the ideal place for Heston to achieve a small slice of baseball immortality.  It’s a pitchers’ park at sea level, and his pitches had tremendous movement tonight, as you can see on the espn video.  At least based on this video, umpire Rob Drake was calling a generous strike zone and really following the movement of Heston’s pitches.

Meanwhile, follow Giants’ youngsters Joe Panik and Matt Duffy each hit their fifth home runs of the season to give the Giants the runs they needed.

As a 27 rookie who relies on defense and movement on this pitches, tonight’s no-hitter is hardly proof that Heston is going to develop into an ace.  The odds are still heavily against it.

However, Heston is clearly a competitor who knows how to throw strikes.  The Mets’ three base runners tonight were all hit by pitches, meaning he’s willing to pitch inside to keep hitters from feeling comfortable at the plate.

We’ll see how his major league career progresses, but tonight at least was unforgettable.

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