San Francisco Giants 2015 Draft Picks: Rounds 11-25

In the third and final day of the 2015 Draft, the San Francisco Giants selected the following players:

11th Round (336th overall).  SS C.J. Hinojosa (U. Texas, 20).  Hinojosa steadily regressed as a hitter in this three years of college, posting an OPS of .782 as a freshman, .749 as a sophomore, and .724 this year as a junior.  Needless to say, this likely explains why he wasn’t drafted until the 11th round even though he was a three-year starter at a major college program.

12th Round (366th overall).  SS Hector Santiago (High School, 17).  A young Puerto Rican shortstop, I couldn’t find much about him since he shares the name of a current major league pitcher.  However, at 6’2″ and 180 lbs, he looks to have a projectable body.

13th Round (396th).  RHP Matt Pope (JC, 20).  A community college player out of Walters State in Tennessee, Pope is a big right-hander (6’6″, 225 lbs) who originally went to school at the University of Kentucky but apparently dropped out and enrolled in a junior college so he’d get an opportunity to actually pitch.  He was a 38th round draft pick in 2012 out of high school, and he’s a country boy whose hobbies are hunting and fishing, so he should be able to fit into a professional baseball clubhouse.

14th Round (426th).  C Matt Winn (VMI, 22).  a four-year college player who turns 23 in August, Winn’s bat exploded as a senior, hitting 14 home runs (nine more than his total for his first three college seasons), and a .977 OPS.  This looks like a good pick for the 14th round, although, of course, his big senior season could be a one year fluke.  However, he hit well as a sophomore also.

15th Round (456th).  C Cody Brickhouse (High School, 18). lists him as a catcher but the scouting websites list him as a 3B/RHP, so it’s an open question how the Giants plan to develop him. says he’s committed to a junior college, which sounds like he’s signable if the Giants give him the bonus he wants.

16th Round (486th).  LHP Grant Watson (UCLA, 21).  Watson is a smallish lefty (6’0″, 185 lbs) who had a 2.30 ERA this year as a starter for UCLA but struck out only 66 in 97.2 innings pitched.  A four-year starter at UCLA, Watson struck out only 238 batters in 376.1 IP, suggesting he doesn’t have the stuff to pitch past the AA level as a professional.

17th Round (516th). LHP  Cameron Avila-Leeper (JC, 19).  Avila-Leeper is listed as weighing only 150 lbs, so he’d need to bulk up to go far as a professional.  In his first year of junior college in Stockton, he had a 1.89 ERA and struck out 130 batters in 114.1 IP while walking 40, which are certainly impressive numbers.

18th Round (546th).  RHP Heath Slatton (Middle Tennessee State, 21).  The second player the Giants have selected in this draft from Middle Tennessee State, Slatton had a 7.99 ERA with 34 Ks and 26 walks in 47.1 IP.  Obviously, he’s a project.

19th Round (576th).  RHP David Owen (Arkansas State, 21).  As a college junior, Owen had a 3.25 ERA with 73 Ks and 44 walks in 91.1 IP.

20th Round (606th).  RHP Travis Eckert (Oregon State, 21).  A a college junior, Eckert had a 4.08 ERA with 50 Ks and 30 walks in 90.1 IP.  Looks like a roster-filler based on the limited information I could find on him.

21st Round (636th).  RHP Ryan Halstead (Indiana U., 23).  Because of an injury in 2014, he played five seasons for Indiana.  This past season he was terrific in relief, posting a 2.59 ERA and a pitching line of 41.2 IP, 34 hits and six BBs allowed and 55 Ks.  He was also very good in 2013, when he was drafted in the 26th round by the Twins.  Halstead is old at 23 already, but he looks like a good selection for this late in the draft.

22nd Round (666th).  LHP Dominic Mazza (UC Santa Barbara, 20).  He pitched well as a junior, posting a 2.69 ERA with 72 Ks and 26 walks in 77 IP.  I’m a little surprised he went this late, given his college performance the last two seasons.

23rd Round (696th).  3B Dillon Dobson (Appalachian State, 21).  As a college junior, Dobson hit .317 with a lot of power, but walked very little (11 times in over 220 plate appearances).

24th Round (726th).  C Zachary Bowers (U. Georgia, 21).  As a college junior, his bat also exploded.  While he hit only .252, he had a .924 OPS due to 22 extra base hits and a very high walk rate.  Looks like a better selection than Dillon Dobson immediately before him.  However, teams want to see amateurs who can hit for average.

25th Round (756th).  RHP Michael Silva (Loyola Marymount CA, 20).  A relief pitcher who posted a 2.77 ERA in his junior season, he looks to have good stuff (40 Ks and only 25 hits allowed in 39 IP) but is very wild (29 walks).  Like most of the college right-handers the Giants drafted between the 11th and 25th rounds, Silva is listed as less than 200 lbs, which helps to explain why he wasn’t drafted sooner.



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