San Francisco Giants 2015 Draft Picks: Rounds 26 through 40

Continuing on with the San Francisco Giants’ selections in the latter rounds of the 2015 MLB Draft:

26th Round (786th overall).  SS Tyler Brown (JC, 20).  A shortstop out of junior college powerhouse College of Southern Nevada, Brown hit .323 with an .874 OPS and appears to run well.  He may well elect to transfer to a four-year college for the 2016 season in order to improve his draft position next year.

27th Round (816th).  C Bryan Case (OSU, 22).  A Northern California native (he’s from Winters in Yolo County), Case played two years at a junior college before transferring to OSU.  He had a total of only 202 total at bats the last two seasons, but he did hit fairly well for a catcher.

28th Round (846th).  CF Ashford Fulmer (Houston U., 22).  Fulmer is a light-hitting center fielder who runs well.

29th Round (876th).  RHP Matthias Dietz (JC, 19).  A big-right hander (6’5″, 220 lbs), he pitched in relief and made six starts for his junior college team.  He had a 3.13 ERA with 50 Ks, 57 hits and 11 walks allowed in 54.2 IP.

30th Round (906th).  RHP Tucker Forbes (UCLA, 21).  Forbes is huge, standing 6’8″ and weighing 235 lbs.  As a reliever in 2015, he had a 2.11 ERA and pitching line of 38.1 IP, 29 hits and 9 walks allowed, and 45 Ks.  You would have to think based on those numbers that he is intent on returning to UCLA for another season.  Otherwise, it’s awfully hard to understand why he wasn’t drafted sooner.

31st Round (936th).  SS Ryan Howard (Missouri U., 20).  He’s a draft eligible sophomore like Tucker Forbes above, who hit .308 with an .802 OPS.  Again, you would have to think that teams expect him to return for his junior year to go this low in the draft.

32nd Round (966th).  RHP Jeff Burke (Boston College, 22).  Burke had a 4.85 ERA this year with 30 Ks in 39 IP across eight starts.  He’s big though, and presumably the Giants like his arm.

33rd Round (996th).  RHP Rafael Ramirez (High School, 19).  He’s a big Dominican, who according to one website on Florida prep players has a 94 mph fastball.

34rd Round (1026th).  SS Travis Moniot (High School, 18).  He’s a slender shortstop out of Palm Desert who has committed to the University of Oregon.

35th Round (1056th).  RHP Drew Jackson (Florida Atlantic U, 22).  A slender right-hander who had a 2.44 ERA in 13 starts this Spring but struck out only 55 in 73.2 innings pitched.  Looks like a roster-filler.

36th Round (1086th).  LHP Brendon Little (High School, 18).  Described by as “up to 93 mph … and can really pitch,” but he’s committed to North Carolina.

37th Round (1116th).  3B Mark Weist (Michigan State, 22).  After transferring from another four year school and sitting out for a year, Weist hit .346 this spring with a .933 OPS.  He’s a year older than other college juniors and had a .911 fielding percentage, which I assume are the reasons he wasn’t drafted earlier.

38th Round (1146th). LF Nathaniel Pecota (High School, 18).   He’s listed as 5’9″ and 170 lbs and a left fielder.  I couldn’t find a scouting report on him, making me think that he was drafted as a favor to somebody.

39th Round (1176th).  LHP Hunter Bowling (High School, 18).  A very projectable body (he’s somewhere between 6’6″ and 6’8″ and 193 to 220 lbs) who reportedly hits 94 mph on the radar gun.  Alas, he has committed to the University of Florida.

40th Round (1206th).  CF Roger “Woody” Edwards (JC, 20).  A whippet-like centerfielder (he’s listed as 5’10” and 155 lbs), Edwards batted .278 with a .374 on-base percentage and stole 29 bases in 31 attempts.  However, he has no power at all, hitting only four doubles in 205 at bats.  His glove and his wheels are likely to determine how far he goes in professional baseball.  I also imagine he’s a good bet to play for a four-year school in 2016.

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