Rockies Trade Troy Tulowizski to the Blue Jays for Jose Reyes

In a transaction describes as “stunning,” the Rockies today traded Troy Tulowitzki and LaTroy Hawkins to the Blue Jays for Jose Reyes, minor league pitchers Jeff Hoffman and Miguel Castro and a player to be named later.

On paper the deal makes sense for both teams, but has high risk for both teams.  The Rockies are trading away the current face of the franchise for a guy who has underwhelmed the last couple of seasons and is two years older than Tulo.  Jose Reyes could (seemingly) regain his youth playing in the thin air 0f Denver, or he could continue to underwhelm under the withering gaze of fans who aren’t happy to see their hero traded away.

I suspect that this is the moment we find out what Jose Reyes is truly made of, at least in terms of being a professional ball player.  If Reyes handles the initial hostility and has enough left in the tank to take advantage of Coors Field as the offensive wonderland it is, the fans will forget Tulo soon enough, at least if the Rocks start winning a majority of their games.

Miguel Castro seems to be the most valuable piece of the deal for the Rocks.  Jeff Hoffman is a former 9th overall draft pick who had Tommy John surgery and has pitched well at Class A+ and AA this season.  However, his strikeouts per innings pitched rate hasn’t been as impressive as one would like, and I don’t think we’ll know until well into the 2016 whether he just needed some time to adjust to professional baseball or he hasn’t come back from elbow surgery with the same stuff he had before.

This is a bold move for the Blue Jays, and one has to wonder if it isn’t an overreach for a team currently at an even .500.  Playing in the AL East, a team with the financial resources of the Jays needs to build a winning team out of young players obtained through the draft and through trades of veteran players during uncompetitive seasons.  Trading away top pitching prospects when the team is still playing .500 ball seems like a stretch.

At the end of the day, the deal has a faint stink of desperation emanating from both franchises.

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4 Comments on “Rockies Trade Troy Tulowizski to the Blue Jays for Jose Reyes”

  1. kabeiser Says:

    I doubt Reyes plays for the Rockies. He will certainly be gone by next offseason.

    This trade breaks down as the Blue Jays getting a much better player but they are on the hook for a longer contract. They had to give up prospects but the deal goes bad for them is if Tulo continues to miss half a season every year and declines. Then they are stuck with 20+M/yr for a long time. I like the upside since Tulo is awesome (if healthy) though.

    The Rockies did this deal to get a couple of decent but not great prospects and they owe significantly less guaranteed money to Reyes. They didn’t want Reyes but most MLB teams are reluctant to take on salary in midseason trades so getting Reyes back made the trade happen. He is almost certainly on the block and very likely to move again.

    • Burly Says:

      The Rockies will have to eat a lot of the remaining $46 million owed to Reyes in order to move him, and I presume the Rocks now need a shortstop, so I think that Reyes will at least be given the opportunity to find out if Coors Field can bring life back to his bat.

      As for Tulowitzki, obviously his ability to stay healthy is the main factor. He’s 30 now, and players who get hurt a lot before age 30 don’t tend to suddenly get healthy after age 30, His hitting has also dropped off this season, and he’s going to be going to a much tougher place to hit in Toronto.

  2. kabeiser Says:

    The Rockies top prospect is a SS in AAA and they are rebuilding. It is almost a guarantee that Reyes won’t be there by opening day 2016.

    But yes they will have to eat PART of his salary to trade him. And they will do it.

    • Burly Says:

      Looking prophetic right now — Trevor Story played very well at AAA Albuquerque, or at least so well that given the current situation with Reyes’ domestic violence prosecution, Story will be the Rockies’ starting shortstop out of the gate unless he really under-performs in Spring Training. Once Story is in place, Reyes is gone at least as soon as anything as valuable as a player to be named later or cash considerations are offered with the Rocks in either event eating the vast majority of Reyes’ future salary.

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