NL Is Still the Fastball League

Some years ago, I read or heard that National League pitchers threw more fast balls than American League pitchers.  I believed it at the time, but today I wondered if it was still true.

In 2015, at least, it is.  With the season almost over, of the eight teams that have thrown fastballs 60 or more percent of the time, the Orioles are the only Junior Circuit team, while of the 13 teams to have thrown less than 57% fastballs, only three are in the Senior Circuit.

This helps to explain why some players have a big jump (or slump) in performance when they switch leagues, including perhaps Yoenis Cespedes.  Fastball hitters (and pitchers) should do better in the NL, while hitters who are particularly good at hitting off-speed stuff, hanging or otherwise, should do better in the AL.  Since Cespedes is such an especially toolsy player, I would expect him to be a fastball hitter.

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