Good for Nori Aoki!

Nori Aoki just signed a deal with the Mariners for one year at $5.5M, plus another $1.5M in performance incentives.  The San Francisco Giants elected not to exercise the $5.5M option they held on Aoki, instead paying him a $700,000 buy out.  It was a dumb move, and I’m glad Aoki will be making more money than he would have if the Giants had brought him back for 2016.

Safeco Field is a tougher place to hit than AT&T Park, but Aoki is a veteran player, and $5.5M just isn’t a lot of money anymore for a player who can give you 300+ above-average plate appearances and plays above-average defense.  Aoki is sort of a mini-Ichiro, and the M’s are probably hoping that Aoki will be able to tap into some of the fan-base’s lingering love for their former star.

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