San Francisco Giants Non-Tender Yusmeiro Petit and Hector Sanchez

A little sad to see that the Giants non-tendered both Yusmeiro Petit and Hector Sanchez.  However, the feelings are based more on nostalgia than rational calculation.  The fact of the matter is both players would get more money in arbitration than players of their current production could get on the open market.

Petit was still an effective middle reliever in 2015, but he made only one start all year, and his strikeout rate dropped sharply.  Middle relievers of his 2015 performance level can usually be signed after all the non-tenders are in for about a $1M to $2M guarantee.  He made $2.1M last year and was effectively guaranteed a substantial raise in arbitration, so off with his head!  (At least, in the figurative sense.)

Hector Sanchez sure had potential, and he still has potential since he’ll only be 26 in 2016.  What he hasn’t had the last two years is anything resembling performance. Sanchez doesn’t walk at all and strikes out a lot, a deadly combination, and MLB pitchers took away his pure hitting ability by refusing to throw him any more strikes than it took to get ahead in the count.

Sanchez might eventually be able to put it together, but I think he needs to lose some weight to put less pressure on his body when catching.  His career has just gone entirely the wrong way since 2012 when he was 22 years old.


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One Comment on “San Francisco Giants Non-Tender Yusmeiro Petit and Hector Sanchez”

  1. Burly Says:

    The Mets reportedly just signed Yusmeiro Petit for one year at $3M, which is more than I expected him to get on the open market.

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