Whither Tim Lincecum?

Finally some news about Tim Lincecum.  mlbtraderumors.com reported months ago that following Timmy’s hip surgery, he was going to have a show case in January for teams to evaluate what he had left.  Since then, silence.

Today the SF Chronicle said the showcase is going to happen sometime in February.  We shall see.

The Chronicle’s story left me with as many questions as answers.  There were a bunch of quotes from Tim’s agent, but you have to consider the source.  What agent is going to do anything but spin the available information in the best possible light?  “There was never anything wrong with his arm,” except that for a four year period, he lost his command and his fastball mph dropped precipitously.  Maybe it was all his hip, maybe, probably not.

The thing that concerned me most about the article was that on January 22nd it said, he “is expected to begin throwing off a mound within a week.”  That does not inspire a whole lot of confidence here.

Tim wants a major league deal, but it looks like he won’t be ready to prove if he has anything left until almost every team has its 40-man roster packed to the gills.  You can always make room for one more player who can help the team at the right price, but the roster math suggests that Tim probably won’t be able to find a slot until another pitcher hurts himself in Spring Training.  A late start for a guy who hasn’t pitched since last June doesn’t sound like the major league contract Tim is looking for.

That said, if Tim’s showcase is positive, someone should take a chance on him because, if his arm is reasonably right, I can’t believe he wouldn’t be at least a bargain middle relief piece at a $1 million guarantee.

Will the Giants look to re-sign Tim at the right price?  Who knows?  The Chron article at least shows that the Giants recognize how loved Timmy is to the fan base.  After 42 San Francisco seasons of post-season futility, no one who’s been a Giants fan since at least 2000 — and that’s just about everybody who can afford to buy tickets regularly to see the Giants play — will forgot his role in making the team a World Series winner again and again and again.

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