MLB Suspends Jenrry Mejia for Life

In news that can only be described as shocking, MLB has suspended former Mets pitcher Jenrry Mejia for life after a third positive test for steroids.  This third positive comes while Mejia was still serving a 162 game ban for his second positive test. He had signed a $2.47 million contract with the Mets for 2016, although he wouldn’t have been paid for the remaining 99 games lost to positive test No. 2.

I’d sure like to learn more about what happened, because it’s extremely hard to understand how a player could get caught a third time doing something for which the consequences are so severe.  The only two things I can be relatively confident in thinking are that Mejia was absolutely convinced he couldn’t be a major league pitcher without PEDs, and he’s either not too bright or lives in a world of incredible denial.

According to ESPN, Mejia won’t be able to play in Japan, South Korea or Mexico either, although he may still be able to play in the Dominican Winter League.  He can apply for reinstatement in one year, but at a minimum must serve a suspension of at least two full seasons.  Mejia is only 26, and MLB teams are always looking for pitching, so it is possible that Mejia can come back in 2018, but who knows what his talent level will be like playing only winter league ball in the interim.

At least it shows that the testing system is working, and flagrant violators will have to pay some pretty serious professional consequences.  The more sophisticated PEDs cheats are probably still getting away with it.  However, they have to be very, very careful about what and how much they take, which may well defeat the purpose of taking PEDs in the first place.

In the case of Alex Rodriguez, he never had a positive test, but got caught when the news leaked out from other sources.  Assuming that he was no longer taking PEDs when he returned in 2015 after his year long suspension, which is a big assumption in ARod’s case, then it sure doesn’t look like the PEDs he got from Biogenesis America really helped all that much, at least based on his statistical performances.  He may have needed rest and surgery more than the ‘roids.

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