Aroldis Chapman Receives 30-Game Domestic Violence Suspension

MLB has given new Yankees’ closer Aroldis Chapman a 30-game suspension, which Chapman has elected not to appeal.  I’m not going to offer an opinion as to whether or not the 30-game suspension was the right length, in part because I don’t know all the facts.

From what I have read, it’s inconclusive regarding whether Chapman actually abused his girl friend to the point of pain or injury, but he discharged a gun something like eight times.  That seems conclusive enough to merit some of kind of punishment, but just how much I can’t say for certain.  At a minimum ten games but not more than 50 or 60, I would guess.

In terms of MLB and the players’ union, 30 games was obviously about right.  Chapman suffers a significant punishment, in terms of the history of player suspensions, but he accepted it, most likely because it will not affect his free agency rights.  This resolution almost certainly means that a 30-games suspension will be the appropriate suspension going forward where a player clearly did something wrong (and hurt the industry by the reporting of the incident) but has not and will not be convicted in a court of law of committing domestic violence.

It’s looking like Yasiel Puig will not only go uncharged for the incident involving his sister and the subsequent bar fight (perhaps more fully living up to the nickname “Wild Horse” …), but’s current reporting says he won’t be suspended either.  Without knowing what MLB’s investigation turned up, that seems a little surprising, as the reported events suggest that a ten-game suspension might be appropriate in light of the length Chapman’s suspension.

It remains to be see what happens with Jose Reyes, who is facing actual criminal charges.  If he is convicted, my guess is a 50- to 80-game suspension in addition to games lost to criminal penalties.  If he is acquitted, I would expect a 30-game suspension akin to Chapman’s, depending on the facts established at trial.

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