No Way to Get Back into the Game

Even if every single thing that Jenrry Mejia is quoted as saying in the NY Times today is 100% true, it’s no way for him to get back into MLB while he’s still young enough to make many millions more.  And he’s found an expensive lawyer to help him spend whatever he has left of the $3.6 million he is reported to have made as a professional to date.  Oy vey!

It looks like he’s going to sue the Players’ Union too — twice the legal fees! — which he’ll pretty much have to do if he hopes to sue MLB in light of the collective bargaining agreement.  From the prospective of what a strong union the MLBPA is, Mejia’s got a point that they should have appealed his second and third suspensions, if in fact he asked them to and they refused.

However, after how bad the last such claim went, with Ryan Braun winning an arbitration hearing by impugning the test collector’s handling of the sample, instead, according to Sports Illustrated, spreading stories that the test collector was an anti-Semitic Cubs fan (Oy Gevalt!), later getting caught up in the Bio-Genesis escapade, and then admitting everything for the smallest possible punishment, it’s hard to imagine the union making that same argument again, at least not unless the evidence of Mejia’s claims is rock solid from top to bottom.

Mejia’s allegations may make it easier for him to continue playing in the Dominican Winter League, as it gives him some cover for his now-reputation as a cheater.  However, according to this website, salaries there peak at about $15,000 a season (700,000 Dominican pesos).  That’s almost certainly enough to live a year in the D.R. in relative comfort, but it sure isn’t the life style Mejia is likely to have grown accustomed to in New York City.

However, the Liga de Beisbol Dominicano is probably the only game left in the world for Mejia, as the summer leagues are all likely to reciprocate MLB’s drug ban.

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