The Ty Cobb Baseball Card Find

Here’s a nice article from the NY Times regarding the recent find of seven T-206 Ty Cobb baseball card in exceptionally good condition.  I collected baseball cards avidly from 1978 until 1983, and then less regularly until about 1990.

As a kid, I wasn’t particularly concerned about condition, I just wanted the cards.  It was a fun hobby, in part because it was so seemingly impossible as a kid to get all of them.  Every new card to the collection seemed like something of an accomplishment once I had most of each Topps set starting with 1976.  Even now that I’m much older, it has to take some serious effort and money to have a relatively complete collection of baseball cards from circa 1869 until now.

One of the things the Times article points out is that every so often someone still makes an earth-shattering (for the baseball card world) find.  Every so many years, you hear about one.  The 1869 Reds team card was found in Fresno, CA, of all places, only around 2009.

I have a T-206 Cy Young in lesser, but not bad, condition, and a near mint 1958 Ted Williams card and Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays All-Star Cards from the same Topps year.  I’m hoping they will provide some likely much needed funds when my now 2 1/2 year old daughter is ready to go to college.

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