Does Trevor Brown Get the San Francisco Giants’ Back-Up Catcher Spot?

I saw this article on the San Francisco Giants website today, suggesting that Trevor Brown has a real shot at beating Andrew Susac out for the Giants’ back-up catcher spot behind Buster Posey.  Brown has hit better this spring, and he can potentially play 2B also, because he played there some in the minors.

I don’t really see it.  While Brown has hit better this spring that Susac, he hasn’t hit that much better, and certainly not enough to make me lose sight of the fact that Susac has a career minor league OPS of .792, compared to Brown’s career minor league OPS of .616.  Also, Susac threw out 35% of  attempted base-stealers in the minors, compared to Brown’s 30%.

Brown did play well enough in just under 100 minor league games at 2B to make his versatility interesting, especially with Kelby Tomlinson hitting very poorly this spring, but I would hate to see the Giants give up on Susac, who I think still has a lot of upside, for a guy who strikes me as kind of flavor of the month.

It just makes a lot more sense to me, and I suspect it will to the Giants also, to return Susac to the major leagues, and send Brown to AAA Sacramento to find out if his better hitting starting with his call-up last September is the real thing or just a statistical fluke based on limited playing time.  If Brown performs well at AAA, he can always be promoted later, since he’s only 24 this year.

If Brown can’t be denied come the trade deadline, Susac could give the Giants a potentially valuable trade chip, assuming that the Giants are buyers come the end of July.

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One Comment on “Does Trevor Brown Get the San Francisco Giants’ Back-Up Catcher Spot?”

  1. Burly Says:

    So much for my opinion. It now looks like Brown will make the team out of Spring Training because of Susac’s wrist injury.

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