Glad to See Cory Gearrin Make SF Giants out of Spring Training

I’m glad to see that Cory Gearrin made the Giants out of Spring Training.  I always like to see at least one veteran scrub have a strong spring and get rewarded for it.  I also think it sends the right message throughout the organization that strong performance will be rewarded.

Gearrin won’t be given a whole lot of leash, but at least he’s on a club that should play to his strengths.  He is a ground ball pitcher, and he has good infield defense behind him.  Now it’s up to him to establish himself as a major league pitcher at age 30.

I’m not thrilled about the Giants starting the season with 13 pitchers and only four subs at the positions.  This has more or less been forced on the team by the schedule makers, who didn’t give the Giants many off-days in April.

In any event, the Gints sure aren’t going to have many late inning pinch hitting options with this line-up.  In fact, expect Madison Bumgarner to get some pinch-hitting opportunities against lefties, particularly if what the Giants need is someone to drive in runs, rather than get on base.  He’s certainly got more power than any of the four bench players who have apparently made the team.

There’s been some silly talk about Madison Bumgarner batting 8th in the games he starts, and I hope it is just that.  However, MadBum could bat 8th if Kelby Tomlinson gets the start at 2B, since I’m not yet convinced that Tomlinson is really a major league hitter.  That same can, of course, be said about Ehire Adrianza, who is the same age as Tomlinson and was almost exactly the same kind of hitter in the minors.

I suspect that I am not the only Giants fan left a little anxious about how badly the starters pitched down in Arizona.  I hope it has something to do with the park they were playing in down there and the fact that the veterans were all working on stuff rather than just trying to get Spring Training hitters out.  The poor pitching from the starters probably also has a lot to do with why the team decided to start the season with eight arms in the bullpen.

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