Let’s Hope They Didn’t Use up All Their Runs in the First Game

The Giants won their season opener in Milwaukee 12-3, with Matt Duffy, Denard Span, Joe Panik and Buster Posey all hitting home runs.  In total the Giants pounded out 15 hits and also drew five walks.

The Giants hitters seemed very confident coming out of Spring Training that the team would score a lot of runs this year.  Except for the addition of Span, the line-up doesn’t seem all that different to me than last year’s, when, at least as far as I remember, the team sometimes had trouble scoring runs.

Actually, subjective memories can be deceiving.  The Giants finished fifth in the NL last year in runs scored, even though AT&T Park ranked as the worst hitters’ park in baseball last year, at least in terms of runs scored by the Giants and their opponents home and away.

Right now with everyone healthy, the Giants’ line-up looks pretty good.  However, they are still a fairly old team, at least in the outfield, so the Giants may well have the kind of crushing injuries they had last season.

Madison Bumgarner gave up three runs, all earned in five inning of work.  After a very poor Spring Training record, he still doesn’t look sharp, although he did strike out six today.  He earned the win, however, so I’m sure he isn’t too worried about anything else.

The bullpen came in and pitched four shut-out innings, which is a very good sign indeed.  If the bullpen is effective this year, it will mask a lot of problems in the starting rotation, which going into Spring Training looked like would be one of the team’s strong points after the signings of Samardzija and Cueto.

At any rate, so far so good.

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