Pablo Sandoval’s Struggles in Boston

With Pablo Sandoval on the disabled list and just having undergone an MRI on his supposedly injured shoulder, one of Pablo’s former off-season trainers says that he basically needs someone to baby-sit him to get him into playing shape.

The trainer, Ethan Banning, was quoted as saying that on one off-season trip to his homeland Venezuela, Sandoval put on 21 pounds in 21 days.  Apparently, he really likes to eat and drink, and he isn’t very good at saying no.

According to Banning, Pablo is willing to train hard if someone is there constantly to get him to the gym, cook his food, and run interference with respect to the culinary temptations in life.  The article suggests that his big free agent contract with the Red Sox may have gone to his head, and he no longer thinks he needs the level of help he needs to control his weight.

Pablo surely has the money to hire the people he needs to stay on him to keep himself in shape.  Whether he will hire those people on his own is another question entirely.  I have a bad feeling that Pablo, despite all his talent, will eat his way out of the majors by the time the current contract ends, and that he’s a prime candidate for one of those professional athletes who makes an enormous amount of money through the age of 35 and is then broke before he reaches age 45.

Aside from his inability to say no to people, he also has a taste for multiple luxury vehicles, a time-tested method for professional athletes to blow through a huge amount of money very quickly.  Buying mega-mansions is another proven method of burning through cash (even if the house is purchased with a large down-payment, the mortgage, property taxes and upkeep are murder once the MLB salaries end).  While I wasn’t able to find any information on the internet about his current housing situation, except for the fact that he bought a new house after he signed with Boston, I will bet dollars to donuts that Pablo has way more house than he needs.

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One Comment on “Pablo Sandoval’s Struggles in Boston”

  1. Burly Says:

    Pablo Sandoval will be undergoing surgery on his left shoulder and is not expected to return in 2016. It will be interesting to see what he weighs when he comes into camp in 2017. If he’s fat, I’m sure we won’t get an honest report, but a photographs speaks a 1000 words, as this Spring Training’s photo of Pablo with his gut hanging out sure did.

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