What Do the Best Paid Baseball Players in Japan’s NPB Make in 2016?

I found a website today that purports to list the top 34 best paid players in Japan’s NPB in 2016.  From what I know, the information is probably accurate, although it does not appear to include all signing and performance bonuses.

The best paid player is former MLBer Hiroki Kuroda, who has both the track record and the willingness to sign a one-year maximum salary deal.  He’s making a cool 600 million yen ($5.73 million at current exchange rates) this year.  That’s bumping right up against NPB’s unofficial but effectively enforced salary cap.

Only two other players, starting pitcher Chihiro Kaneko and top closer Dennis Sarfate are making 500 million yen ($4.78M) this season.  The five players tied for 30th most are making roughly $2.1 million this year.

Foreigners Sarfate, Wladimir Balentien, Randy Messenger, Garrett Jones, Alfredo Despaigne, Tony Blanco, Ernesto Mejia, Luis Cruz, Miles Mikolas, and Logan Ondrusek all made the top 30.

Here are similar lists from the same website for 2014 and 2015.

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One Comment on “What Do the Best Paid Baseball Players in Japan’s NPB Make in 2016?”

  1. Burly Says:

    The Hiroshima Carp recently signed pitcher Kris Johnson to a three-year extension for a reported $10 million plus more than $1M a year in performance incentives. The SoftBank Hawks extended Rick van den Hurk for three years for a reported 1.2 billion yen ($11.53 million) plus performance incentives.

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