San Francisco Giants Give Up Too Much For Will Smith

The Giants reportedly traded today for left-handed Brewers reliever Will Smith in exchange for Phil Bickford and Andrew Susac.  I have no problem with the Giants trading Susac, but giving up Phil Bickford, after also trading away Adalberto Mejia, is too much.

At catcher, Andrew Susac was the odd man out due to the emergence of the younger Trevor Brown.  In fact, if I were Giants management, I would have been willing to trade either Susac or Brown, because I think the two are roughly comparable at this moment, and either one remaining would be a fine back-up to Buster Posey for the rest of 2016 and going forward.

Phil Bickford was in my opinion the Giants’ best starting pitcher prospect, and the Giants have now traded away their top two starting pitcher prospects for guys who are likely to make the team only incrementally better.

Will Smith missed the first two months of the season after having knee surgery in March, and his strikeout rate is down this year compared to 2014 and 2015.  His ERA’s, except for last season, haven’t been impressive, although his ERA should improve pitching his home games at AT&T Park.

There is no question but that the Giants could use bullpen help, but it seems likely that Matt Reynolds, who is also a lefty, will be the  guy demoted to AAA Sacramento, which makes me sad.

Reynolds is a great feel-good story, starting the season in the Independent-A Atlantic League, pitching great, getting signed by the Giants, making 13 high minor league appearances without being scored upon, and then making two relief appearances for the Giants without being scored upon.  You hate to see a guy like that get sent down.

The Giants are certainly doing everything to win now, no matter the long-term cost, so they damn well better make it to at least the NLCS this post-season.

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