San Francisco Giants Trade Matt Duffy to Tampa Rays

In another sign the Giants are all in for 2016, they today traded Matt Duffy and two prospects to the Rays for Matt Moore.  The Giants could certainly use another starter for the stretch run, but I’m sorry to see Matt Duffy go.

There is still some question whether Matt Duffy will hit enough to be a star at third base.  However, players often slump in their sophomore seasons, and Duffy’s .671 OPS isn’t terrible for a 25 year old sophomore season.  Players that age typically continue to get better in their third and fourth seasons.

A lot of Duffy’s value is in his glove, and it’s a little strange the Rays would want him, given that they already have an above-average defender at the position in Evan Longoria.  If the Rays don’t turn around and flip Duffy in another trade, they will assumably move Longoria to 1B, so they can get more offense out of that position than they have in recent years.

Of the two prospects the Rays also got, Lucius Fox is almost certainly the better one.  He’s a former international bonus baby, and while he’s currently totally over-matched at the plate at full season A-ball in Augusta this year (.582 OPS), he’s only 19 years old and has tools.

Michael Santos, the other prospect, is a tall, thin right-hander, who can pitch, but so far doesn’t seem to have the stuff (140 strike outs in 177.2 innings pitched, none of them in a league higher than full season A-ball) to develop into a major leaguer.

As far as I am aware, the other Giants players liked Duffy in the clubhouse, and it seems like the Giants made the move because he got hurt, the team traded for Eduardo Nunez, and suddenly Duffy was expendable if it meant getting another piece the Giants felt they needed to make the post-season.  Once again, though, I feel a bit underwhelmed at what the Giants got in exchange for a young player who looked like he was going to be an important part of the Giants’ future.

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One Comment on “San Francisco Giants Trade Matt Duffy to Tampa Rays”

  1. Burly Says:

    According to the SF Chronicle, the Rays want Duffy to play shortstop, which surprises me a little, since there is some question about whether he has the range to be an everyday shortstop at the major league level, and he fit in so well at 3B. I guess the Rays feel that with Longoria at 3B, they can give up a little defense to get a little more offense at SS.

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