San Francisco Giants Newbies So So So Far

Needless to say, I’ve been following the San Francisco Giants recent trade-products, and the outlook is definitely mixed so far.  Matt Moore was just good enough to get the Gints to a 3-2 win in his first start, allowing two runs in six innings pitched with only three hits but six walks allowed.

Eduardo Nunez is 1-for-5 with tonight’s game just heading into extra innings, dropping his batting average to .242 with a .748 OPS.  He hasn’t been appreciably better than the combination of Conor Gillaspie, Ramiro Pena, and Grant Green, unless Nunez’s defense is far superior to the combined effort.

Nunez is adjusting to a new league, and he’s still got time to make some adjustments, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Will Smith allowed two runs on three consecutive hits before mercifully being pulled out of tonight’s game.  He’s now got a 18.00 ERA after five G-Men appearances.  Smith got hit hard in his last ten appearances for the Brewers, allowing eight runs, six of them earned, in 9.1 IP, a 5.79 ERA.

Smith’s also got time to turn it around, but he sure isn’t inspiring confidence so far.

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