Maybe It’s Time to Make Derek Law the San Francisco Giants’ Closer?

Santiago Casilla got rowdied up in the 9th inning of today’s game, costing the Giants a game they sorely needed to win.  It’s got me wondering whether now isn’t the time to make Derek Law the Giants’ closer.

Sure, you don’t like to put that kind of pressure on a rookie, but Law is now 48 games into his major league career, it’s clear he has stepped into the set-up role, and Casilla sure isn’t inspiring confidence.

Casilla is now 36 years old, he has a 2-4 record and six blown saves this season.  His ERA is now 3.28.  He’s still the safe bet going forward, but the brave move would be to give Law some save opportunities, and see what happens, even if Casilla’s tender feelings are hurt.

I fully expect the Giants to stick with Casilla at least until the next time he gets bombed.  He’s the veteran, and Law is the rookie, and the history of the major league game is that you don’t throw a rookie into the closer role, even this late into the season, unless you absolutely have to.

It’s just that the NL West race is exceedingly close, and the Giants can’t afford to give up even one or two games going forward, and Law 117 games into the 2016 season seems a whole lot less hittable than Casilla.  Casilla’s 2016 numbers aren’t that bad, but he looks like a guy who at his age is a half-step slower than in seasons past.

Maybe you give Casilla an opportunity to blow one more game, but the time is definitely getting near to do whatever you have to do to win every single game possible, especially since the Giants’ trade deadline moves have put them all in for 2016.


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